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Youhaosuda, the SaaS website-establishing platform, integrated WoSign SSL certificate API interface

The enterprise-class SaaS website-establishing platform Youhaosuda integrated the API interface of WoSign SSL certificate server to provide HTTPS encryption service for its users. Based on SaaS cloud service, Youhaosuda is a quick tool for website establishing focusing the field of electronic commercial. At present it has put WoSign free SSL certificate into use and will continuously integrate other higher level of SSL certificate products.

HTTPS encryption promotes the alarming internet security environment

The domestic internet security environment is undoubtedly alarming with incidents of traffic hijacking and data leakage happening a lot. The main reason is that the most commonly used HTTP protocol at present is a very insecure clear text protocol without encryption and validation mechanism. Any data transmitted through this protocol is exposed as clear text on the internet. Any information is at the risk of being intercepted, being tampered with and being imitated. (See reference in: 2015 Chinese security incidents compilation of information leakage)

HTTPS encryption is currently the most mature technology of data transmission security protection recognized by the industry. SSL protocol based on public key cryptography theory realizes functions of server identity validation, data encryption protection and completeness verification of data. It also provides validation for server, prevents DNS hijacking, encrypts transmitting data and prevent data leakage.

Youhaosuda integrated API interface and realized HTTPS encryption

As a new generation of infrastructure facilitator for website-establishing, Youhaosuda takes the lead in considering the security problem of user’s data transmission and actively looking for solutions with its leading consciousness of data security protection. In order to provide perfect service experience, Youhaosuda hopes to integrate SSL certificate of authoritative CA to its platform and make it convenient for users to purchase SSL certificate online and deploy HTTPS encryption.

WoSign SSL certificate is the leading domestic CA that provides API interface service of SSL certificate, hoping to allow users to get WoSign SSL certificate from different platforms through interface service. At present, WoSign CA has been providing SSL certificate service for many large-scale platforms such as Azure of Microsoft, Aliyun and 360 under the pattern of API interface service.

The mature interface service pattern and project implementation experience of WoSign CA have won recognition and trust of Youhaosuda. Two parties quickly reach the intention of cooperation. On the websites established in Youhaosuda platform can complete the issuance and deployment of SSL certificate within several minutes at zero cost after binding independent domain.

WoSign SSL certificate actively promotes industrial cooperation, presenting rapid development

WoSign CA (www.wosign.com) is a globally-trusted CA with rapid development in Chinese SSL certificate market. At present, WoSign has been providing SSL certificate products and services for over 180 countries and regions around the world, including Auto Map, Changan Ford and other known brands. WoSign CA has been actively promoting cooperation with different industries after introducing SSL certificate API interface service. WoSign CA further promotes the popularity of HTTPS encryption in China after platforms of cooperation partners start to provide HTTPS encryption and SSL certification services for users of different fields.