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Yonyou Telecom chose WoSign SSL certificate to protect the security of Dudu open platform

The independent subsidiary of Yonyou Groups, Yonyou Telecom has chosen WoSign SSL certificate to protect the data transmission security of its Dudu communication open platform.

Yonyou Groups is Chinese-leading provider of information application software and services. The independent subsidiary Yonyou Telecom focuses on the market of enterprise communication and has introduced Yonyou Dudu communication open platform, breaking the stereotype of communication service and implanting communication ability into administration software.

Yonyou Dudu has applied open API interface based on its platform structure. No matter for mobile APP or Web and desktop program, it can be easily joined up and communication functions like multiparty communication and voicemail will be activated during the process through PC end and APP end. Joined products can be internal products of Yonyou Groups or external products. Its range of use and scale can be understood according to the news saying that all products of Yonyou Groups have realized the connection to Yonyou Dudu.

Security protection of user communication data and interface have become the focuses of Yonyou Dudu platform while perfecting innovative service pattern of the platform and providing convenience for enterprise communication. How do we protect the security of connected account and data transmission? How do we verify the identity of connected server? To solve the above problems, Yonyou Dudu chose WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate to apply in the login page of it platform. User account and password will be transmitted by SSL encryption transmission, which will protect account information from being leaked or modified. Users can know the real identity of website through server certification information so that attack conducted by middleman or phishing site can be prevented. Sensitive data like communication records will be protected. What’s more, WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate can also be applied in secure transmission and identity certification for platform interface. APP, software application or website can all transmit communication data encrypted, protecting data security.

WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate is the OV SSL certificate of enterprise validation, which is the SSL certificate with the largest application range and has no limit to the number of servers and strong extension ability. We have provided secure transmission and identity certification services for many known application platforms like Auto Map LBS open platform, Coolpad cloud service platform and Shenzhen cloud computing center public service platform.

The reasons of WoSign SSL certificate gaining favors from customers lie in the superior product performance as well as effective and professional services. WoSign CA has passed the strict international certification of WebTrust and gained the license of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Our root certificates have been preset into all operating systems and browsers. SSL certificate issued by us can perfectly be compatible with all browsers, servers and mainstream mobile devices. WoSign CA also has a professional team of technical support and customer service, providing real-time response service for customers 24/7 and solving all kinds of problems customers come across. According to the latest statistics of Netcraft, WoSign SSL certificate ranks in the first place in Chinese market and becomes the most competitive SSL certificate brand in China. One third of domestic SSL users have chosen WoSign SSL certificate.