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Youscm successfully connected to the API interface of WoSign WoSignDoc, electronic signature platform

The comprehensive service platform of supply chain, operated independently by Shenzhen Runtai supply chain management Co, .Ltd, has successfully connected to the API interface of WoSign WoSignDoc electronic signature platform to make it secure and fast for users to sign service contract and conclude the transaction.

Contract signing on the platform of Youscm faces difficulty

Youscm platform connects transaction participants, logistics business, raw material supplier, merchant, manufacturing enterprise and financial institution, to provide small and medium sized enterprises with quality cross border logistics and allocation, declaration and inspection, real time cross-border payment, trade financing of low interest and other comprehensive transaction services. There is tremendous amount of transactions being conducted every day on the platform. Before the API interface of WoSignDoc electronic signature come into use, users of Youscm platform have to sign contract on paper offline when conclude a transaction online to ensure the traceability and validity. But the traditional method of paper contract needs printing, stamping and express delivery of the files, all of which need a specially-assigned person to follow up and arrange the files. This process consumes too much time, extend the transaction period, reduce the efficiency and restrict the development of the platform. In order to increase the efficiency, Youscm decides to replace the traditional way with online contract signing.

Authority is more credible when choose electronic contract signing platform

With the impulse of electronic contract application, a large number of electronic contract facilitators emerged in the market. Youscm inspected many firms that provide online electronic contract signing service and found only few firms that completely meet the requirements of laws and regulations. Most firms do not have credible electronic signature licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology nor authoritative qualifications as an independent third party institute, let alone the realization of Adobe auto-verification of signature. The authentication of electronic contracts has to be validated by cumbersome process of contract validation and other procedures.

WoSignDoc electronic signature platform is the first domestic third-party electronic contract signing platform established by authoritative CA. With the electronic certification service license, WoSign CA can provide credible electronic signature under the tutelage of the Electronic Signature Law after identity authentication of the signer. WoSignDoc platform meets the legal requirements of identity authentication when sign the electronic contract, confidentiality of information, completeness of the content and non-repudiation of the behavior. Compared with products of the same category, WoSignDoc has the following advantages:

1. Lawful and effective: credible electronic signature of lawful CA + authoritative third-party signing platform, signed electronic contracts have equivalent legal effect of written and stamped paper contracts;

2. Cannot be tampered with: the real identity of the signer is verified by authoritative CA, credible electronic signature and globally-trusted timestamp are provided to make sure the content and time of signed contract cannot be tampered with;

3. Auto-verification of the signature: the digital certificate used by WoSignDoc platform when sign a contract is trusted by Adobe. Adobe will verify the authenticity and the completeness automatically when the signed PDF file is opened without the need of extra verification operations;

4. Supportive of mobile signing: you can sign the file on your computer or intelligent terminal (smart phone/PAD); we support multiple formats like PDF, JPG, XLS and DOC.

Seamless integration of the API interface makes electronic contract procedures smooth and easy

Youscm has shown the intention of cooperation not long after approaching WoSign CA. WoSign CA custom made the API interface according to the application needs of Youscm. The API interface of WoSignDoc electronic signature platform is easy to operate and HTTPS encrypted to ensure data transmission security.

Youscm seamlessly integrated API interface with its existing business platforms without influencing its original structure and functions. Users can conduct online identity authentication, electronic contract signing and signing state checking. The original contract signing process which may consume days takes only a few minutes now.

About WoSign CA

WoSign CA Limited (http://www.wosign.com) is the largest Chinese independent certificate authority that has passed the international certification of WebTrust and gained the license of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, meeting both the Chinese and international criteria. WoSign CA provides globally-trusted, lawful and credible electronic signature and solves the validity issue by optimizing electronic contract application process and popularizing electronic contract among all walks of life like e-commerce, finance, online tourism and online insurance with its own advantage of technology, authoritative resources of independent third-party institute and the combination of mature application pattern of international market. The application of electronic contract is the new trend. We welcome customers from all walks of life to quickly integrate electronic procedures and realize the electronization of enterprise contract by applying WoSignDoc API interface. Learn more about WoSignDoc electronic signature at www.wosigndoc.com .