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Reprint: Use SSL certificate to easily solve cloud security problem

Industry leaders like Amazon AWS cloud platform, Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Ali Cloud platform have all started to use HTTPS encryption service, actively setting examples for cloud service industry. There is predicted to be a large-scale breakout of the application needs for cloud service HTTPS encryption.

The most frightening point of the migration process toward cloud is losing control over our most private and secret data. It is not fresh news to the business world that the transformation of technical methods brings about worries. However, this kind of transformation to network makes enterprises face unprecedented risks. Enterprises should weigh and consider between the efficiency as well as competitive advantages of cloud and the risks it brings.

Luckily, as for the cloud security risks people talk about all the time, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate technology has been proved to be an effective precaution method. As one of the main security standards set in a medium and long term of computing technologies, SSL encryption and certification is undoubted a solution to cloud security for it depends on the secure transmission of online users’ sensitive data.

SSL: how to bring about a radical change in the existing state of affairs

SSL has played an important part in coping with a series of dreadful cloud security challenges and dealt with problems of data isolation, regulation compliance and data position. SSL provides encryption technology which can prevent data from being peeped during transmission and certification technology which can verify any identities of server or data receiving end.

Data isolation: The risk of data isolation is everywhere in cloud storage. When traditional local storage technology is applied, corporate owner can have full control of data position and people who access to it. However, the case changes completely in the cloud where the cloud service provider controls the data storage position. Users should ask cloud service provider to not only use SSL but also apply server supportive of at least 128bites encryption technology. This can ensure the security of users’ data while being transmitted between servers and servers or between servers and browsers. SSL device certification can further make sure that every device has to pass identity authentication before data is transmitted between servers and servers or between servers and browsers.

Regulation compliance: The existing laws place clear responsibilities and requirements on enterprises to protect users’ data security. SSL encryption technology can prevent sensitive data from being leaked and read by unauthorized third-party.

Data position: SSL becomes the green area of severe environment. If data is stored in the cloud, it is actually hard to distinguish its specific physical position. Data can be copies or transmitted freely between servers in anywhere. But if cloud service provider makes the most of SSL technology to encrypt during data transmission, data can be secured.

Not all SSL certificates are the same

Cloud service provider should use SSL certificate issued by reliable and independent certificate authorities to ensure the compatibility and security of SSL certificate. SSL CA should own best data center of military level and comply with international standards to examine and issue SSL certificate. Every year its operation flow should be examined by reliable third-party audit institute to ensure the impartiality, independence and authority of this CA institute.

The above is reprinted from 51CTO

WoSign SSL certificate

WoSign CA is an authoritative certificate authority that has passed the international certification of WebTrust and gained the license of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. WoSign is also a member unit of international CA browser industry league. WoSign SSL certificate supports all browsers and mobile terminals and has been providing SSL certificate products and services for more than 180 countries and regions worldwide. According to Netcraft, WoSign ranks first in Chinese SSL certificate market.

At present, WoSign CA has reached cooperation with many large-scale cloud platform like Microsoft Azure cloud, Ali cloud and 360. We look forward to cooperating with more partners from cloud service industry and together building a secure and trustful cloud service environment.