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Who uses WoSign?

WoSign China is one of the largest digital certificate provider in China, has more than 70% market share in China.
WoSign has many customers just like you. We understand your needs and meet your request - better performance but lower price.

WoSign started to sell its own brand digital certificates since 2006, and WoSign issue SSL certificates, Code signing certificate and Client certificates from its own global trusted root. WoSign SSL certificate market share in China is more 30%, Code signing certificate market share in China is more 90%.

There are more than tens of thousands websites from more than 120 countries and regions are using WoSign SSL certificates, below are some companies and organizations in the worldwide , and click here to check the websites in China that using WoSign SSL certificates for case study.

Country Domain Case 1 Case 2
Antigua and Barbuda .ag  
Armenia .am
Australia .au
Ascension Island .ac http://bat.ac/
Austria .at
Azerbaijan .az https://kbcloud.kapitalbank.az/
Belarus .by https://www.gimn5.by/
Belgium .ge http://cloud.top.ge/owncloud/  
Belize .bz
Brazil .br
British Indian Ocean Territory .io https://aion.io/
Cameroon .cm  
Canada .ca https://namecontrol.ca/
Central African Republic .cf
China .cn https://pay.myrainbow.cn/
Cocos Islands .cc
Colombia .co
Congo .cd  
Czech Republic .cz https://bis066.vse.cz/
Denmark .dk webmail.royalhosting.dk  
Ecuador .ec appdl.rice.ec  
Equatorial Guinea .gq https://forskolin.gq/
Estonia .ee
European Union .eu https://anito.eu/
Finland .fi https://asteriski.fi/
Former Soviet Union .su
France .fr https://lenin.fr/
Georgia .ge http://cloud.top.ge/  
Germany .de https://wolke-ott.de/
Gobon .ga
Greenland .gl  
Grenada .gd https://jinyan.gd/
Hong Kong .hk
Hungary .hu https://nagyker.unreachable.hu/
Iceland .is https://interstellar.is/  
India .in http://passport.zumikua.in/ https://dango.in/
Iran .ir
Isle of Man .im
Italy .it http://mail.linkgroup.it/  
Japan .jp  
Jersey Island .je http://cloud.top.ge/  
Kazakhstan .kz
Korea-South .kr  
Kyrgyzstan .kg
LaoPeople's Republic .la
Latvia .lv
Libya .ly https://s2.obzor.ly/
Liechtenstein .li https://euphoria.li/  
Lithuania .lt
Luxembourg .lu https://test.bestsecret.lu/  
Malaysia .my
Mali .ml
Micronesia .fm https://t1.lizhi.fm/  
Mongolia .mn  
Montenegro .me
Montserrat .ms https://build.ms/  
Netherlands .nl http://dedi.vdwaa.nl/
New Zealand .nz http://nazarov.nz/
Niue .nu https://zfgw.mine.nu/
Norway .no https://mail.dbq.no/
Palau .pw https://cloud.roli.pw/ https://shop.twvpn.pw/
Poland .pl
Portugal .pt https://forum.sintaf.pt/ http://alvaro.sintaf.pt/
Romania .ro https://ukash.ro/
Russian Federation .ru
SaintHelena .sh
Samoa .ws  
SaoTome & Principe .st https://mail.flygroup.st/  
Serbia .rs  
Slovakia .sk
Slovenia .si  
Somalia .so https://www.huo.so/  
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands .gs https://g.yh.gs/  
Spain .es
St.Lucia .lc  
St.Pierre & Mequielon .pm  
St.Vincent & the Grenadines .vc  
Sweden .se https://apps.tst.plur.se/ https://ssl.zeido.se/
Switzerland .ch
Taiwan .tw
Tajikistan .tj https://ssl.ace.tj/  
Thailand .th https://www.gamedreamer.co.th/  
Tokelau .tk
Tonga .to
Turkey .tr  
Turkmenistan .tm https://dl.kop.tm/  
Tuvalu .tv http://www.fun4.tv/
Ukraine .ua
United Kingdom .uk https://livebus.co.uk/ https://owain.org.uk/
United States .us  
Uzbekistan .uz
Vietnam .vn https://gamedreamer.com.vn/