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WoSign officially introduced free timestamp service that supports RFC3161 international standard

Update on September 18th 2012: the system will be out of service today since the new timestamp service officially provides services from September 18th in 2012.

Microsoft has requested that all globally-trusted root certificate authority (CA) must provide timestamp service for code signing certificate users before October 31 2011 and timestamp server authority (TSA) service should support international standard RFC3161.

As the top root certificate issuing system of its own being introduced, WoSign has also completed the timestamp server authority system that supports international standard RFC3161 at the same time. WoSign has announced its opening of free use today. WoSign free timestamp that supports RFC3161 URL: http://tsa.wosign.com/rfc3161.

The original certificate issuing system of WoSign has been providing free timestamp service for code signing certificate users. URL of this free timestamp: http://timestamp.digicert.com  is still valid. The original free timestamp service is based on the Authenticode technology of Microsoft. Parameter of “/t” is used when signing with SignTool. While using timestamp supports RFC3161, the parameter should be “/tr”. Please refer to user guide of Microsoft to learn the difference between “/t” and “/tr”.

Only operating system of Win7 supports the option of “/tr”. Early operating system like Windows XP does not support the option of RFC3161 timestamp.

At present, there are only few CA providing free timestamp service that support two standards. As the leading Chinese CA with over 90% market share of code signing certificate, WoSign will provide better and quicker timestamp service.

Free RFC3161 timestamp service of WoSign can be used not only for signing code of Windows platform but also for timestamp service of PDF digital signature. All you need to do is to add WoSign RFC timestamp server in Acrobat – “advanced” – “security settings” – “timestamp server” URL: http://timstamp.wosign.com/rfc3161

Again, we remind all the code signing certificate users that please remember to add free timestamp when you sign any code to make sure the software code’s signature will still be valid when your code signing certificate expires, so that your code will not be distrusted and intercepted by Windows.