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Auto Navi Map API uses WoSign SSL certificate to realize https encryption

Auto, China’s leading provider of digital map, navigation and location-based service, has recently applied WoSign OV ZhenSSL Pro certificate in its API application service platform to encrypt the data transmission of interface and secure the safety of user’s data.

Being offered to developers for free, Auto Navi Map API is a professional application interface based on Auto Navi Map including multiple versions like JavaScript, IOS, Android and Web. It provides rich set of functions such as basic maps, location-based search, surrounding-based search, navigation, location service, geocoding and reverse geocoding. Applications, web service, smart wear equipment and other platform services can all use abundant applications of Auto Navi Map API and extend functions of LBS. The application of API is of a broad range and involves with giant database of users’. It contains the business pattern and confidentiality of application developers and private data of end-user. Therefore, the security of API service becomes the primary concern of Auto Navi Map.

Https encryption can secure the safety of interface data transmission and prevent intermediaries to tamper with it. After rigorous testing, feature comparison and cost estimation, Auto Navi Map eventually chose WoSign product to realize the encryption. Purchasing manager said that WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate supports all browsers, mobile terminals and high intensity compulsory encryption, whose features are the same as certificate abroad but with lower cost. What’s more, WoSign provides local service of 7x24hours, which is more prompt and professional when respond to users.

The realization of https encryption of Auto Navi Map API reflects not only its professionalism but also the great importance it has attached to the protection of data security. At present, there is an increasing number of enterprises that have gradually realized the importance of SSL encryption and verification. Well-known firms like Joyoung, Mengniu, Blue Moon, Ford, Hainan Airlines, Ucar and China Tietong Telecom have used SSL products and service provided by WoSign. We hope that more and more companies can take privacy data of users’ into account and regard https encryption as a necessary basic security measure, so that we can build a secure and trustful internet environment together.