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WoSign’s market share in China jumped to second place in Netcraft’s report

World famous agency of Internet and online security consulting service Netcraft has completed the latest statistical report on Chinese market share of SSL certificate in November, 2015. The following two charts are based on the statistic data provided by Netcraft. The data has not been officially released yet. Related brands and their detailed data temporarily cannot be seen. From the charts, we can still see that WoSign (www.wosign.com) has been keeping rapid growth momentum with rising market share. WoSign’s market share of SSL certificate is reported to vault to second place, after the total amount of three well-known brands abroad.

Mr. Wang Gaohua, the CEO of WoSign, says that the achievement WoSign SSL certificate has gained is no accident. WoSign is China’s largest independent brand of certificate authority which has obtained permission of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and has passed international verification of Webtrust. WoSign cultivated silently in the field of digital certificate, consistently consolidating technical strength, optimizing product performance and improving service quality. After ten years’ hard work, WoSign now provides SSL certificate service for 180 countries and regions with internationally-advanced technological and service level, accumulating a wealth of industry experience. WoSign has the ability to replace the certificate product of CA abroad. Numerous websites of various walks of life like Well-known e-commerce enterprises, government sectors, financial instruments, education and training, established corporation have been gradually replacing foreign products with WoSign SSL certificate, breaking the monopoly of foreign CA in the field of SSL certificate in Chinese market.

From 2014 to 2015 is the year of internet security in our country. Since 2014, many internet security events domestic and overseas have made security a hot topic in the past two years. Internet security and information technology leadership team founded by the central government has upgraded internet security to a strategic level of national security. Internet security events are daily life of internet firms rather than sensational stories. Security is an essential measure rather than dispensable action. As the most fundamental security measure, HTTPS encryption has gained extensive attention. Google, Baidu, Bing and other search engines gradually started using HTTPS encryption and are friendlier to HTTPS pages. The subordinates of Alibaba, Taobao and Tmall, have started using full-site HTTPS encryption service, bringing the full-site HTTPS application to a new upsurge.

WoSign is bound to rise up in this situation of developing internet security. But our goal is more than that. WoSign hopes to provide high quality service for more users and build a more reliable internet environment. Our journey has just started; we will provide better solutions to online security for users in more fields in the coming future!

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