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WoSign’s Global Market Share Ranks 9th

On November 6th, Netcraft issued this month’s market survey report of global server SSL certificate. From this report, WoSign has moved up one place from 10th to 9th in the ranking of global market share. In the ranking of Chinese market, WoSign remains the 2nd place, while the market share has increased by 1.53%.

The rankings of global market share of WoSign’s DV SSL certificate have respectively risen to 7th (single domain) and 5th (multiple domains), which is a credit to the cost-free opening of DV SSL certificate to global users since January 4th this year. The current users have covered 182 countries and regions, in which Russian market ranks 5th place, German 7th, Ukraine 4th and Japan 7th.

It’s noteworthy that this month’s report also statistically analyzed the proportion of the adoption of SHA2 signature algorithm in global SSL certificate, which has already risen up to 77.73%. Because the SHA-1 signature algorithm has the possibility to become insecure, worldwide CA will no longer issue the SSL certificate using this kind of signature algorithm from the date of January 1st in 2016. All the websites have already set about upgrading their SSL certificate to SHA-2 signature algorithm. We hereby appeal all the WoSign users to complete the free replacement and upgrade of certificate as soon as possible. This also means that Windows XP sp2, which does not support SHA-2 signature algorithm, has been forced to doom. For unsupportive to SHA-2 signature algorithm equals to unable to login in all the e-banks and e-commercial websites, this system is no longer useful.

In the ranking of the amount of applied SSL certificate in different countries, America has been leading the way (48.51%). The U.S. has applied SSL certificate in all its e-government and e-commerce websites. German comes in second place; the U.K. comes in third and our country ranks 20th. This shows that very few websites in our country has applied SSL certificate although our total number of websites ranks the first place throughout the world. The proportion of websites that have applied SSL certificate in our country only takes up 0.63% of the globe. Nearly all the e-government websites have not applied SSL certificate. In the case of e-commerce websites, only the large-scale ones have applied. All these have proved that the emphasis on website information security in our country is way behind enough, which leads to frequent leakages of personal information and business confidential secret. In the ranking of top level domain that has applied SSL certificate, .com has always been on top. Our .cn domain ranks 44th place. From this, we can also see that the proportion of applying SSL certificate in our country is relatively low.

It is worth mentioning that in the final part of this month’s report, it pointed out that the 44th version of Firefox browser, planned to be published on January 26th next year, will prompt the user the insecurity of the connection if the webpage asks users to enter the password while the page is not encrypted by https. Various websites should pay attention to apply SSL certificate for your password-needed webpage before January 26th next year in case that users do not dare to visit your website because of the warning of unsecured webpage. Or you will lose online orders. We welcome these websites to apply SSL certificate as soon as possible. Our cost-free low-end SSL certificate can secure the confidential information of websites at zero cost.