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SSL Certificates Installation Instruction - Lotus Notes Domino 5.x

To install your Certificate on Lotus Domino follow the instructions below:

a. Fetch your certificate and the intermediate CA

1.You will receive an email when your certificate is issued.
2.Copy and Paste your WoSign certificate (First certificate) to Notepad and save as a cert.cer
3.Copy and Paste the intermediate CA (second certificate) to Notepad and save as a intermediate.cer

b. Install your certificate

To install the certificate into Lotus Notes Domino do the following:

1. From the Domino Administrator, click the Files tab, and open the Server Certificate Admin application.
2. Click Install Certificate into Key Ring.
3. Enter the file name for the key ring that will store this certificate. You created this key ring file when you created the server certificate request.
4. Do one of the following:
If you copied the certificate to the Clipboard, choose Clipboard in the Certificate Source field. Paste the Clipboard contents into the next field.
If you save the certificate as a file, detach the file to your hard drive, and then choose File in the Certificate Source field. Enter the file name in the File name field.
5. Click Merge Certificate into Key Ring.
6. Enter the password for the server key ring file, and then click OK to approve the merge.
7. You then need to configure your SSL port to 443.

c. Import the intermediate CA

You should replace the existing certificate that is due to expire with the updated one in the following places:

1. Domino server key ring file
2. Domino Directory
3. Web browser

1. Domino server key ring file

In order to update your Trusted root in the key ring file, follow the steps below. You should know the password for the key ring file before beginning.
Open the Server Certificate Admin database
Click "View & Edit Key Rings"
Click "Select Key Ring to Display" and enter your server's key ring file
Choose "3. Install Trusted Root Certificate into Key Ring"
Enter the server's key ring file name in the Key Ring Information section
In the "Certificate Label" field enter the following text: WoTrust CA
Return to the Domino Server Certificate Admin document. Copy and paste the contents of the saved Intermediate CA into the "Certificate from Clipboard" area.
Click on the "Merge Trusted Root Certificate into Key Ring" button. This adds the updated certificate

2. Domino Directory
In the Domino Directory, the certificate is found in the Certificates view. To update the certificate, perform the following steps.
Copy the contents of the Intermediate CA and paste it into a text document such as Notepad. Save the text document.
In the Domino Administrator client, go to the Configuration tab - Miscellaneous - Certificates view
Go to Actions > Import Internet Certificates
Select the "Binary encoded" option, and click on the "OK" button
Browse to the text file that contains the new certificate, and click on the "Open" button
Accept the certificate

3. Web browsers
Certain Web browser versions may also need to update the certificate. Please contact the browser vendor for information about implementing this update for your Web browser.