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SSL Certificates Installation Instruction - Netscape Enterprise Server 3.x

To fetch and Install your Certificate

a. Fetch your certificate and the intermediate CA certificate
1. You will receive an email when your certificate is issued.
2. Copy and Paste your Certificate (First certificate) to Notepad and save as a cert.txt
5. Copy and Paste the Intermediate CA Certificate (second certificate) to Notepad and save as a intermediate.txt

b. Install your certificate
1. In the Server Administration page, choose Keys & Certificates|Install Certificate.
2. Check the type of certificate you are installing: Choose This Server
3. Paste the contents of the cert.txt file in the field called Message text. Be sure to include the headers "Begin Certificate" and "End Certificate." Make sure you check the corresponding radio button for either the file or the text.
4. From the drop-down list, select the alias you used when you requested the certificate. If you choose the incorrect alias, the certificate won't install.
5. Click OK. Another form appears asking if you want to add the certificate. Click the Add button. The certificate is stored in the directory <server_root>/alias. The filename will be <alias>-cert.db. For example, if your alias is mail, the file will be mail-cert.db.

c. Install Intermediate CA Certificate

1. Start Netscape Server Administration.
2. Under General Administration select "Keys & Certificates"
3. Under Keys and Certificates (left hand panel) select "Install Certificates".
4. Select "Server Certificate Chain" radio button.
5. Enter a Certificate name that will let you identify this certificate in the future.
6. Select the "Message text (with headers): radio button and copy and paste contents of the file that you saved (intermediate.txt) when downloading your certificate in the text box. Select the proper Alias from the drop down menu and hit the "OK" button.
7. Review the Certificate information, if correct CA certificate is displayed hit the Add Certificate button.
8. A dialog box will appear with instruction to shutdown the admin server to ensure the changes take effect, hit the "OK" Note: Follow the instructions listed in the dialog box.
9. A dialog box will appear letting you know that you have successfully installed the intermediate CA certificate, hit the "OK" button to finish.

Your Netscape 3.x server now has the current Intermediate CA certificate installed and should be the one that is used when a secure connection is established.